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Sign in with Apple user 12/28/2023 5 Seller showed item blueprint before being made, sent tracking info when item was sent.
Brittany 12/28/2023 5 This was awesome and well made!
Bobbi 12/26/2023 5 My sister loved her jersey. She is a KC Mahomes fan and equally a LA Herbert fan. This was a perfect Christmas gift.
Angele 12/20/2023 5 The shirt looks great. My so. Will be thrilled. I sent an email asking for expedited shipping and I got it!!!!!
Casey 12/19/2023 5 Cannot wait to give this to my son. It looks sooo good! Owners responded quickly and got the order out in great time!
Rosita E. 12/18/2023 5 Nice product and pretty close to when it was supposed to be delivered. Thanks, hopefully my husband will love it as a Christmas gift!
Carol 12/17/2023 5 They are  very responsive. Good service
Cheryl A 12/16/2023 5 The wait was worth it.
Jerald 12/16/2023 5 Everything went smoothly. Good experience.
Sara 12/16/2023 5 The quality was great. I ordered my first order and decided to order a second. I should have ordered at the same time because one jersey was lighter than the other. Overall, the jerseys met all my expectations.
Omaira 12/15/2023 5 I absolutely loved it! The quality was great! It was a huge hit!! Be sure to order early shipping takes time. Well worth it!!!
Rod 12/14/2023 5 Great quality, communication, and fast turn around. \nI highly recommend!
Tami 12/13/2023 4 It was a lot thinner than I expected but I still like it.
LARRY 12/13/2023 1 There is definitely a communication issue and it’s getting close to me not even needing the item I ordered I have been told several different eta dates and item still has not arrived.
Ashley 12/11/2023 3 Communication wasn’t great, took along time to receive the jersey. Also wish they looked over the Jersey alittle bit better just because I paid alot of money for it and it has 2 noticeable spots on it.
Ashley 12/11/2023 4 The communication wasnt great, and took quite a while to receive the jersey.
DEBBIE 12/11/2023 4 It did not meet by expectations. Wanted it to look authentic for the price
DEBBIE 12/11/2023 2 I didn’t expect it to look like it was printed on. I thought it would look more authentic. 😞
Miguel 12/11/2023 5 Good quality awesome customer service. We had an issue with the first product but it was easily fixed with no hassle. We are happy with our purchase
Miranda 12/08/2023 5 The quality is Jersey quality we love it turned out better than we expected it's great thank you to who ever made this!!!
Tammy 12/08/2023 5 wonderful Seller help me alot with  the Jersey I ordered Communication was wonderful. Arrived in perfect condition it is so beautiful.  I would Definitely order from again AAAAA+++++
Amy 12/08/2023 5 BEST gift ever!!  Lots of messages/directions back and forth and they were patient and got it done!!
Marques 12/07/2023 4 Shipping was a long time was ordered beginning of October and was told I’ll have it before thanksgiving the original delivery date was nov. 21 I messaged seller they said I’ll have it before thanksgiving for sure because I expressed that I needed it before thanksgiving. I just received the item December 7th I’m disappointed in the shipping time and communication but item is what I ordered
Victoria 12/06/2023 2 It was ok! I thought it was going to be a basketball jersey but it was a football one but it’s ok. I can still wear it
Kim 12/05/2023 5 I expected it to be two separate jerseys sewn together, but it appears to be a screen print.  I really like it. Turned out great!
deanadeals67 12/04/2023 5 My Grandson loved his shirt and was good quality!! Seller was wonderful to work with.
Katelyn 12/02/2023 4 Overall this product was amazing! Great material, everything requested was followed, and the quality is very good with the exception of a small stain (maybe bleach) on the back of the jersey. Communication was good although I took a star off for there being a little delay in responses. Overall I really like the material and the customization, I would just stay on top of communication with the company during the process and be aware of the stain issue (probably a fluke but just be aware).
Dalton 12/02/2023 5 Loved the look of my jersey
Frederick 12/02/2023 5 I was pleased how they would reach out to discuss what I’m looking for and they provided some templates to choose from.  The only downside is that the shipping took longer than initially estimated.
Kelsie 11/30/2023 2 The original photos show SEWN TOGETHER JERSEYS. (Now when I click on what I ordered it says item not found) What I got is like screen printed all one piece. Just looks cheap. not really worth the price in my opinion, but if you don’t care, it’s fine. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Yvonne Reynolds 11/28/2023 5 my order exceeded my expectations
Lacey 11/27/2023 3 So I love it because what it is and it's unique. However,  colors on one side is definitely not correct. And it's falling apart. The material is okay not the best or worst. The customer service was overall good, sent me a mock up and corrected a mistake for me on my end. A mock up did take a little then Shipping took what seemed like forever.  I get it though.  It was a personal piece then it was from outside the country. So. To be expected. But I have gotten so many compliments because it is unique.
Shane 11/27/2023 5 This jersey is awesome and better then i expected too. My aunt will love it n i hope it fits her but it look like it will. You guys are awesome and top notch. Also, all the delivery updates were great too so i could track the package. Thank you guys so much for everything.
Jacqueline 11/22/2023 5  
Jordan 11/19/2023 5 Great product! Exactly what I wanted!
Diane 11/17/2023 5 The jersey is very nice but shipping took so long that it came after the event I wanted it for. I ordered it in September and Received it in November. After multiple emails stressing my need to have it for the event. The jersey is very nice, but need to work on the shipping.
Sara 11/15/2023 5 I bought two and just ordered two more. I love everything about the jerseys.
PokémonGo 11/12/2023 5 Awesome very easy to work with
Jeanna 11/03/2023 5 Love this idea and final product! My daughter is so excited to watch games with me :) great quality! Just wish the customer service was a little more responsive.  Thank you for making this, will be back!
Sally 11/03/2023 5 The quality of the item was good.
Samantha 11/01/2023 5 AMAZING! Love my jersey so much!
Jeff 10/29/2023 5 Really happy with my custom-made jersey.  Great communication with putting it together exactly the way I wanted and it came out how I wanted it.  Can't wait to show it off in November!
Chad 10/26/2023 3 Material and correct logos used. However customer service was very a “do not care attitude” shipping estimate was 9-25 and asked the moment I placed order on 15th of previous month, if the order could be rushed and shipped a little earlier to make it by 20th. Not super early and still within date. Was first told yes but then the process of sending rough draft and making it took awhile and seller didn’t care that I asked ahead of time, even ignored me for days. Told me I will get it when I get it, basically, it’ll be before 25th. Item was within “dates” but late from when I asked. I guess 36 days isn’t enough time, so didn’t get it in time for my event. The color isn’t very bright on it so doesn’t quite match colors of the teams.
Kathy Gaudet 10/26/2023 5 I just love my jersey that I ordered for my brother's birthday they sent it to me a little earlier which was awesome and my brother said it was the best gift he had gotten in all 70 yrs the quality was great.  Thanks again
Andrew Molina 10/26/2023 5 amazing custom product \nfantastic communication
Stephanie 10/24/2023 5 The jersey matched the design that was sent beautifully!
Lawrence 10/24/2023 5 Thank you for this item. You did really great!
Gianni 10/23/2023 5 Great quality fast shipping. Highly recommend
carijane717 10/22/2023 4 It’s a nice jersey. Happy to have my two teams together. There were some blue spots on the collar. But other than that I’m happy.
Dalton 10/20/2023 5 The jersey turned out great
Christine Mengyan 10/20/2023 5 The seller was great and got me the exact team colors for the jersey. My husband loved it!!
Timothy 10/15/2023 5 Great very happy great quality
Sara 09/28/2023 5 Love it so much I had to order another one.
Jessica 09/21/2023 1 Ordered one last year and it was phenomenal. Ordered the exact same jersey this year, different size and the quality is subpar. Stitching is sloppy. Bunching up of the sleeves where sewn on. A small bleached spot on back in one of the colors. Overall very disappointed btwn the differences from last year to this year. Prior to receiving the jersey, the customer service was also prompt on answering or returning messages. Since I received it and I'm trying to work on a return and exchange, no one is even attempting to get back to me. It's been a few days and no word at all. So I can't give full stars on customer service for that reason.
Krissy 09/19/2023 5 It looks amazing, good quality and very easy company to work with! I cannot wait to gift it to my Nephew!
kaylahausam9 09/19/2023 1  
Rosana 09/11/2023 5 Quick to respond. Easy to work with when requested changes.
Lorenda 08/26/2023 5 My jersey came out perfectly.  People are asking me where I got it from. And want to order one. 🎉🎊👏
Kristin 08/09/2023 4  
Leandra 08/09/2023 1 I customized this item & it wasn’t how I wanted it when I got it the colors were off & it was dirty. On top of that it came  extremely late than the expected delivery date, 3 weeks later. I was counting on this dress for a special party I was attending too & never go it in on time. When I contacted the owner they had told me they would expedite the dress for me & never did. Extremely upset with how everything went with this item.
Caitlin 08/03/2023 5 Definitely add some extra time because our jersey took a lot longer than the specific time, but the seller was very helpful and this was a huge hit as our guest book at our wedding!
Caitilin 08/02/2023 1 This item was ordered in early May. After several weeks of not receiving the item and very little communication from the company, I cancelled the order for a full refund. After leaving my initial one star review, the company commented that they’d love to send me a free jersey for my issues. Upon messaging, they stated that I would need to cover shipping costs, which was fine. Another 2 weeks went by with absolutely no communication so I reached out again. They stated that they were sorry and would cover the shipping costs due to the insane amount of time it took to get the order. 2 weeks later, still no jersey, even though I was provided tracking information. I messaged again and they stated they didn’t send it because shipping hadn’t been paid for. This was mid July. I paid for shipping and they asked me to update my review.
Olive 07/31/2023 5  
Lexi 07/28/2023 5  
John 07/25/2023 5 Awesome! Took awhile! But we’ll worth it! What a job! Can’t say enough! Beautiful! Wish I had a Black one to go with it! Thanks!
Stephen 07/24/2023 5 Ordered this as a Mother's Day gift.\nMy wife loved it.  Was exactly as ordered.\nOrdering another one for me so I can go to the "split" football game where our two favorite teams are playing each other.
Melanie 07/23/2023 5 Totally love everything about my custom jersey!  Entire process, from initial contact through to delivery, was exceptional!
Gabriella 07/18/2023 5  
Simone E. 07/16/2023 5 Perfect - thanks!!
Damian 07/13/2023 1 For one I had to wait two months for the jersey because of delays and mess up with the stitching. I have emails  to show proof! And then when I received it. I was not pleased with quality. I sent a email about a refund. Even when they told me thru a email that I would receive a refund once I receive it. And it’s been three weeks now and no response after I sent the email to prove the refund. A shady company and bad business practices!!! I would give it no stars if I could!
Carleigh 07/09/2023 5 We absolutely love our custom jersey for our daughters first nfl game. Great quality and just as described. Just took a bit to get which is expected with custom products.
Sarah 07/09/2023 3  
Big 07/08/2023 2 I messaged the seller and asked about sizing prior to the item being made, to which they told me Youth X-Small was what I would be receiving. The jersey that arrived was a Small and the YX was hand written in pen.
Hannah 07/03/2023 5 Looked perfect, came in just as I customized.
sheri 07/02/2023 4 Great jersey, however they are only two colors not three as pictures show
sheri 07/02/2023 4 Great Jerseys, however they are only two colors not three like pictures show.
Nathaniel 07/01/2023 5 They did an amazing job.
Mary 06/23/2023 5  
Sign in with Apple user 06/20/2023 5 Great Customer Service!! \n1st jersey colors were off, requested correction, received corrected jersey today. I am extremely happy with the quality, design, attention to detail. I would highly recommend them to others.
AMANDA 06/17/2023 5 Amazing attention to detail down to the smallest parts. Communication was fast and delivery was as stated. Will 💯 purchase again
Caitilin 06/16/2023 1 Still haven’t received the item, even though it was ordered a month ago. I have asked for updates several times just to be told it’ll be done “soon.” I also asked for expedited shipping since it was a Father’s Day gift and was told they’ll “look into it.” I was very excited about this gift but the shop has had no communication unless I have reached out. It took over 2 weeks just to get the proof. Very disappointed.
Lisa 06/15/2023 4 Like the shirt but I tried to contact company to confirm my design but no one contact me and just sent the shirt.  Super glad it all worked out.
Rich 06/09/2023 5 Looks fantastic! Quality was great.
Adil 06/08/2023 1 Did not receive my item yet. Terrible customer service asked for a refund they chose to ignore me.
Sami 06/03/2023 4  
Adam 06/03/2023 1 Pros-Jersey looks great!!!\nCons- customer service, and delivery was HORRENDOUS. Had to postpone my wife’s birthday present for 2 weeks because the “work horse” machine broke down for a day.
Ruitong 06/02/2023 4 unique product, great quality and the customization was great. wonderful communication throughout the process. colors and everything was accurate, like I said unique jersey design as I was hesitant on purchasing a premade jersey that was out there compared to the opportunity to uniquely design my own. appreciate the product and shipping was timely.
revellcc 05/26/2023 3  
Chandler 05/17/2023 5  
Kim 05/16/2023 4 Exactly as ordered \nVery satisfied
Barry Austin 05/15/2023 5 Jersey looks good!  Fits a little tight, but not bad. Shipping took a long time. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase!
ELECTRA 05/15/2023 5 Friendly service. They rushed my order so I could get it in time. There was a minor problem, but communication was excellent and matter was resolved. Would use them again.
roxannbustos 05/15/2023 5 Wonderful quality, item matched the description and met my expectations.  This is a Christmas gift for a family friend that roots for "His" team and "My" team.  He usually wears two different jerseys so this "Combo" jersey will be perfect.  I cant wait to see him open it Christmas morning.
Olivia 05/15/2023 5  
faith 05/10/2023 5  
Lawrynn 05/04/2023 5 Loved my split jersey, it was everything I wanted. Not only waas it great quality but the turnaround was excellent and the communication with the shop was great. I plan to use them again very soon.
nicoleansaldi 04/28/2023 5 Great product and great customer service!
Taylor Paige 04/27/2023 5  
Mariah 04/17/2023 5 The jersey is perfect! They did a great job at giving us exactly what we wanted and getting it done in a timely manner for a great price. I would definitely buy here again.
Herman 04/07/2023 3 The item quality is great, but you need to make sure to tell them EXCATLY (photos' and all) what you want.  I put in an order on Jan 9 2023.  I ordered a Cowboys and Boise State Broncos, and I got a Dallas Cowboys and a Denver Broncos Jersey.  I ordered it correctly, but since they look similar, they assumed it was correct.  When I pointed it out to them, they said all the right things but 2 mo. latter (give or take) I still did not the correct order.  I had to put in a claim with Etsy and I finally received the correct package April 7, 2023.\nMy recommendation  is to do your research because they don't do much, and send them photos of what your ordering, not just words and if you want your jersey by the Super Bowl.  You may want to order it in the preseason.
Rick 04/01/2023 5 The item was fantastic.  Executed per instructions and made perfectly.  It exceeded expectations.  A strong recommend.
Shantel 03/27/2023 5 Thank you, great jersey design.
Lori 03/25/2023 5 Really love this YXL mixed jersey I ordered. He was super easy to work with the customizations I wanted and wanted to make sure it was perfect for me and exactly what I wanted. Was so excited to see it in person. Thank you so much. This is a gift and I cannot wait to give it to them.
Alyssa 03/16/2023 5 Very high quality!! Definitely have recommended to friends already
Amy 03/09/2023 5  
Jennifer 03/08/2023 5  
Mark 03/05/2023 1 Poor quality,  misspelled name, put incorrect number. Reached out said they would correct and now get no response
Kristy 03/01/2023 5 It's hard to find people that even still do stuff like this and it's good quality, one the colors was off a touch and they sent out another one that was correct for no extra charge. Would definitely use them again
vcanley 02/25/2023 1 Very disappointed to have never received my items. Seller was in contact due to serious delay but somehow managed to ship to wrong address.
vcanley 02/25/2023 1 So sad to have never received my items. In addition to being severely delayed, jerseys were shipped to the wrong address. Hoping to revise my review if/when items are received
Rondal 02/24/2023 5 Beautiful everything is perfect and love it
Tania 02/16/2023 3 The shirt itself was great but incorrect from when I submitted my order. The seller was great at responding to the messages but still waiting on my replacement.
Michelle 02/13/2023 5 Amazed at the detail and quality! Perfectly matched the description and exceeded my expectations! Thank you!!
Damian Raby 02/05/2023 1  
Jill 02/04/2023 5  
Christiana 02/04/2023 2 Didn’t meet expectations with team color accuracy and blending the two teams was not as seamless on my Jersey as other reviewers had mentioned it was for theirs. Glad I didn’t pay more to order the actual size needed for my husband to be able to wear it!
Coresa 02/02/2023 1 My order was placed on Nov 23rd with expected delivery of Dec 14-28. On Dec 30th I reached out to the company cause I still hadn't recieved my product. I was told "the seamstress will start working on it right away". Than I was given an estimated delivery of Jan 14-23.\nOn Jan 22nd, I reached out asking for a tracking number and was told "we'll start working on it right away".\nI was very unhappy and asked for a refund, than the company decided to "take a break" and hasn't replied to any of my messages. It is now Feb 2nd and my refund still hasn't been processed. I'm VERY unhappy
Annie 01/31/2023 5 Love it
kprugh1234 01/24/2023 1 Terrible customer service.  Jerseys were delayed well beyond what is reasonable and shipped without permission late so seller could avoid an ETSY "Case" which can't be started once you have products in hand - regardless of how late or if shipped late without permission.  Shirts were meant to be identical and 1 is a different color - almost navy instead of purple.  They don't match. Have gotten a full refund thanks to ETSY and not the seller.
Steve 01/22/2023 1 Never got the jersey. Got the run around.
Sign in with Apple user 01/20/2023 5  
Eliza 01/18/2023 1 I did receive the jersey, after I got refunded, after being told it would ship, and arrived  many weeks later. The jersey was nothing what I asked for.  There was smudge marks. I left notes on exactly how I wanted it. Was suppose to be a basketball jersey, not a football jersey. Customer service was horrendous. I would not purchase from them again.
Jennifer 01/14/2023 4 Got the item exactly when it was promised. Item was created according to my directions. It’s more screen printed than a heavy jersey but for the price, it’s a great item!
Breanna 01/14/2023 5 Loved the way the jersey came out!! Definitely made my 5 year old super happy. Granted it was supposed to be a Christmas gift, it was still awesome to see his smile.
Ean 01/13/2023 5 Very cool Jersey. Thank you.
Codi 01/12/2023 5 my son absolutely loved it!!
Angie 01/12/2023 5 Turned out fantastic.   Was disappointed with the delivery.  When I first ordered it was supposed to be here for Christmas, but arrived after.
Kelly 01/11/2023 5 Bought this for my Daughter and she absolutely loved it.
Whitnee 01/03/2023 5  
Sarah 12/31/2022 3 I ordered my jersey on nov. 20th.  The seller guaranteed it before Christmas Dec. 25th.  It didn’t arrive until Dec 28th and the spelling is wrong on the team name.  Seller offered a discount or refund. Waiting on a refund as of now.
Alexis 12/30/2022 1 Good points first! It arrived on the expected date! They spelled the name correctly!\nBAD POINTS: It felt so cheap, there was lent stuck all over the jersey when I opened it. I requested white and purple and red and white, I specifically asked for a white jersey but got the solid purple and solid maroon color!!! Lastly I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO SEND IT BACK!!!!!!!!!! \nMaybe I should I have posted examples of the jerseys I wanted them to use as a template. I was very excited to give this as a gift, but due to the quality I had to purchase something else. I am VERY disappointed!!
Candra 12/26/2022 5  
MaryKatherine 12/25/2022 4  
Ralph 12/25/2022 2 The Dallas Cowboys logo missing a letter s .\nI am so disappointed great quality but no way to contact Sellor for correction on Jersey return policy not clear
Christine 12/24/2022 1 Split jersey ordered for my son as a Christmas present never arrived. \n\nExpected to arrive in time per the seller when ordered over a month ago.  Checked in last week. Shop responded and advised jersey would be shipped in a couple of days and would arrive in time. \n\nOrder still shows as not shipped. Messaged shop again. No response this time and no jersey. \n\nVery disappointing.
Johnnie 12/24/2022 4 It's creative and seems to be made well though it has an obvious "made" look rather than an authentic NFL jersey look, which I kinda expected so np there. My only real issue with the shirt is that it is not a true 3x. I actually wear 2x comfortably, but I usually size up for a relaxed & roomy feeling, that being said, this jersey is uncomfortably tight.
Brittany 12/20/2022 4 Good overall, jersey was missing letter in team name.
Debora 12/17/2022 5 Oh my goodness, if I could give you 6 ⭐️! It is absolutely perfect, even better then I could have imagined. Can’t wait for them to open it!!
myshoesize 12/16/2022 1 Item never shipped despite promised shipping date and expected delivery time frame.  Seller non responsive to multiple messages. I had not googled company prior to ordering and did not realize the reviews were extremely negative.  I am extremely disappointed.  Etsy should vet people who sell on their site.  Still hoping to receive item.
Angela 12/16/2022 5  
Vannie 12/16/2022 1 If I could give 0 stars I would.  I placed my order and never received.  I constantly reached out to seller about updates, to no avail.   \n\nI called seller numerous times and never got a response.   Was told on 2 separate occasions that item would ship in 1-2 days.   Those dates came and went with no receipt of item.\n\nSeller responded, after I reached out to Etsy,  to say someone named “Irma” said it was shipped but they were working from home and could not look up tracking info from home.  That was 2 days ago and still no response or update\n\nMy item, better yet it’s NOT my item, it’s still their item as today my order still shows that it has not shipped.\n\nI am VERY disappointed with seller and would highly recommend they take a more active role in communicating with their buyers.  \n\nWill update/revise review if anything changes
Hilary 12/16/2022 5 I absolutely love the jersey you made for my son! It's better than I had imagined.
Keith 12/14/2022 5  
Todd 12/11/2022 5 Great job with custom Jersey!
Cassandra 12/10/2022 5  
lagricola1 12/09/2022 5 A Christmas present that turned out absolutely perfect! Turned out better than I could have imagined!
David 12/09/2022 5  
NinaMarie 12/06/2022 5 It came out exactly as i thought it would...a bit big but that's okay!
Natasha 12/05/2022 3  
Avery 11/30/2022 5 Super great quality and exactly what I asked for!! Going to make a great Christmas gift!
Shenika Thomas 11/29/2022 5  
Tara 11/28/2022 5 Super quality, exactly as designed, and looks terrific! Very pleased.
Alexa 11/25/2022 5 I personally made a mistake with what I wanted but they were extremely patient and fixed my error. They communicated with me well and were understanding!
Robert 11/21/2022 4  
Courtney 11/18/2022 5 The Jersey was a success my wife loved it she wore it to her first game. Worth the wait
Rebecca 11/17/2022 4 Love the item, but they need a better size chart especially for women's sizes. I did update my size in a chat with the owner and still received the original size. It's like a dress on me. Also had to wait over a month to receive the item - quality it wonderful though.
Jana 11/17/2022 5 I don't normally write reviews, but this business is ABOVE & BEYOND STELLAR.  They called me w/questions they had about my order. They took the initiative to be proactive and they offered me a discount on my next purchase.  Then they sent me another jersey because they weren't satisfied with the quality of the first one they sent.  I've not ever worked w/such a conscientious seller, and I am completely and thoroughly impressed w/their business ethic.
Linda 11/16/2022 5 Great job! Looks great and you did great w the instruction of jersey!
Travis 11/14/2022 3  
Paul McColley 11/12/2022 4 Delivery took too long and didn’t have it in time. But I do like it.
Mckayla 11/10/2022 5  
JoAnn 11/09/2022 5 I purchased 2 of these split shirts-1/2 Eagles, the other 1/2 Steelers, for my sister and I to wear to the Eagles/Steelers game two Sundays ago. The reaction of people was so awesome, I could have never imagined. We felt like stars with all the attention we got. Even men were impressed. People kept asking us where we got them and wanted to take pictures of them. (I hope you get some sales from all my referrals.) They actually broke the ice, especially with the reputation of us Eagles fans.😄 These shirts are very well made with no seams.  Not sure how you did it, but I’m impressed (and I’m not one to impress easily).  Every time I would ask a question, customer service would immediately answer. I would not hesitate to purchase from Customization Depot again!!!  Thank you for making our day! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Susan 11/09/2022 5 Exactly what I ordered! Split jersey with two different teams.  I love it! Thanks
becca 11/07/2022 5 It took longer than expected otherwise satisfied with my purchase. It is hard to get a split jersey from a reputable company. I would give 6-8 weeks if you plan on ordering but it is worth it.
Tracy 11/06/2022 5 Seller communicated well. Though the item was later than I expected seller made it right. Good product!
Kimberly 11/01/2022 5 Wonderful final product! Arrived 3 weeks later than estimated which was disappointing, but I would order it again.
Linda 11/01/2022 1  
Linda 11/01/2022 1 BEWARE!!  It's been 6 weeks since I ordered these for a special occasion.  The special occasion was two weeks ago.  Actually I did get two shirts but they were both the wrong size.  When I contacted the seller I was promised they would make them right immediately.  That was over a week ago.  \nThe shirts are a great idea.  However, hopefully someone else starts selling them because the seller lacks big time in customer communication skills.  I am out $200, I have two shirts that are worthless because they're the wrong size, I keep getting promises that aren't kept.  Now I have to start the process of getting a hold of my credit card company and Etsy.  What a disappointment!!\nExtremely unsatisfied customer.
Bobby 10/31/2022 5  
Denise 10/30/2022 1  
Bekka 10/30/2022 5  
Jerri 10/28/2022 3 Too long time to get my jersey shirt and didn’t add team names on it which I requested.  But I’m happy I got it now.
Evan 10/27/2022 5 Turned out better than expected!! Very pleased!
Lu 10/25/2022 5 I love it! Amazing item!
Jennifer 10/25/2022 5 Jersey is amazing! Only 4 stars since it took over a month to ship, but product was great and they responded to my emails quickly.
Kristy 10/21/2022 5 The jersey itself is great quality and looks awesome. Fantastic job there! \n\nThe shipping was horrible. I ordered it on Sept. 9th but did not receive it until Oct. 19. At that point i can only wear for 1 game out of the 16 so thats very disappointing.
Lisa 10/21/2022 5 Fantastic quality.  My husband loves it!
Nancy 10/20/2022 5 Good quality. A little late than expected but worth it ☺️
Nancy 10/20/2022 5 Good quality , took a little longer than expected but worth the wait ☺️
Larry 10/19/2022 2 It’s not what I ordered
Anne Baeten 10/14/2022 5 Perfect gift for a house divided between two teams.  Bought this for a friend who just turned 80.
olga 10/13/2022 5 Worth the wait! I placed my order and the seller communicated with me that they were swamped with orders and my order would be delayed but the wait was worth it! I received my jersey and it's great quality! Exactly what I wanted! True to size.
Jessica 10/13/2022 5 Absolutely worth the long wait!!! When I placed my order, initially…I was supposed to receive it within a few weeks, however the seller got backed up with orders, so it took longer than expected. They were very prompt with responding to questions about the timeline and very professional! \n\nI absolutely love the look and quality of the jersey and could not be more thrilled! It was a long wait, but 100% worth it!! I will be ordering g a second one soon!
Actual 10/12/2022 5  
Kathy 10/12/2022 5 I ordered a UF/FSU shirt for my husband and he loves it!
Sylvia 10/12/2022 4 Adorable custom made Georgia and Auburn split jersey!
Dannielle 10/11/2022 5 It looks great! Excited to wear it to the Lsu/ Gaters game this weekend! Super stoked it made it on time! Thanks!!
nharleydh 10/06/2022 5 It was made exactly how I wanted!\nThey contacted me thoughtout the process with updates as I did also the item arrived in time for my son's first football and I got a lot compliments THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
Dwayne 10/05/2022 1 Still haven’t received it\nI will update if I ever get the item
michael scott 10/05/2022 1 I haven't received it can I possibly rate it???????\nI am looking forward to receiving it and when I do, I am hopeful to give it a full-star rating.
Lisa 10/03/2022 5 Absolutely love this jersey!  My husband is thrilled!  It’s perfect.  Highly recommend.
Stacia 10/03/2022 5 This custom jersey is exactly what I ordered. It took a long time to get finished bc they had a surge in orders all at once.  I was hesitant after a month and requested a refund. My money was promptly refunded then the designer Jaime called me from Canada and asked if he could still make it up. I agreed and I am so glad I did! I will definitely order from this company again due to the pricing and excellent customer service I received. Stuff happens and they more than made up for it! Thank you very much for your work making this happen!
Inactive Etsy Member 10/02/2022 1 I have NOT received my expensive jersey's I bought on 9-8-22.  I have not gotten any updates since placing my order.  I have tried to get a hold of seller and  the website is not a real site.  So I will be contacting my credit card company for fraudulent items.
Gisela 10/01/2022 5 Absolutely love it\nFits perfect\nLooks amazing\nGreat workmanship
Mike 10/01/2022 4 Although raised a Carolina Panthers fans, my daughter lives in Cleveland, OH and converted to the Browns. She bought us tickets to the Browns/Panthers game; I couldn’t allow her to wear all brown, so I ordered a split-jersey from MCD on Etsy.  \n\nMCD’s comms were great, which helped to avoid one of MY 3 order errors. I later got an illustration of the jersey & realized MY 2nd error - I ordered the name (a mix of 2 NFL players) on the wrong halves of the back of the team jerseys. I brought MY error to MCD’s attention hoping maybe they’d offer to fix it, but no such luck. \n\nOrder your jersey long before you need it. \n\nI am very impressed with the quality of this jersey; looks and feels great.  My daughter received countless positive comments; the only negative ones were about the players’ names on the wrong jersey (MY error #3).
Jeffrey 09/30/2022 5 im very pleased with it
Joann 09/30/2022 5 This jersey arrived on time for my birthday. Great quality, description matches, worth the wait and price. This have exceeded my expectations. I love it!! Can’t wait to wear it!! Thank you so much..
patrickpar 09/29/2022 5 Excellent job! Quality and seamlessness even better than expected. 100% satisfied.
jmydoughboy 09/29/2022 5 I love it!! Perfect in every way!!
Sarah 09/22/2022 5 Just what I was looking for. The seller was very responsive and made up a picture of what the jersey would look like to make sure it was exactly what I wanted.
Patricia 09/21/2022 5 There is a lot of detail in ordering these. Best to email the seller if you have questions prior to ordering so you get it just right. The split jerseys are super cool!
Kayla 09/21/2022 3 Update:\nThe seller got in contact with me and was kind and apologetic. He hadn’t expected the overwhelming  response to his jersey orders and got backlogged, so he is working to be clearer on production/shipping times moving forward.\n\nI appreciate that they took the time to contact me and offered to make it right the next time. \n\n——\n\nI ordered a jersey and was told it would arrive in 3 weeks.  After 3 weeks it still had not been created or shipped. \n\nI messaged the shop multiple times requesting an estimated ship date and never received a response. When the deadline passed and I was missing my chance to deliver this gift on time, they refunded my order.
Patricia 09/20/2022 5 This item was purchased as a gift and was the hit the party.
Shannon 09/19/2022 5 My split jersey was even better in person!  Tons of compliments from everyone. Love my jersey!!
Luke 09/19/2022 5 Turned out even better than I excepted!!!! Highly recommend!!!
tashawnaseamster 09/16/2022 5  
Jon 09/16/2022 5  
Matthew 09/14/2022 5 Oh this is so perfect! Fits exactly as I expected and made exactly as requested! I couldn't be happier!!!!!
Nels Fossum 09/12/2022 4 Exactly what I wanted and I got it in a reasonable time
Natalie 09/09/2022 5 Terrific service, early delivery and love the end product!! Exceeded my expectations :-)
Stephanie 09/09/2022 5  
Sara 09/04/2022 5  
Ricardo Pride 09/02/2022 5  
Kristin 09/01/2022 5 Amazing! Turned out better than we’d hoped! Definitely going to buy more as our son grows up!!
Macell 08/26/2022 5  
Claudia 08/24/2022 5  
kaycemill 08/23/2022 5 Literally the best! It is exactly what I asked for to the tee. So cute can’t wait for my daughter to wear it
Melissa 08/22/2022 5 Turned out perfect! No weird seams, very high quality.
Bob 08/12/2022 5 Created exactly what I was looking for.  Awesome seller and awesome product!
4pluto 07/18/2022 5 Awesome jersey! It's exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you!
Colleen 07/08/2022 5  
Rylie 06/15/2022 5 Absolutely perfect!
Shirleen 06/10/2022 5 Quick and patient!
Teresa 05/16/2022 1 The item never arrived and I had to go through etsy to get a refund.
Kimberlie 04/13/2022 5